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It's time to set a new standard. In our industry's long history, a lot has changed. Machines have more powerful motors than ever before. Stencils can be printed to photographic quality. Cartridge needles took the industry by storm. Ink caps are even advancing.

So much time, money and energy are spent on the products we use, yet the inks have remained the same. The ink industry hasn’t deviated from the original formula. Empire has raised the standard and brought the fundamentals of art into the industry. Combining knowledge of art and tattooing with the best chemists in the field, we bring you a safe and consistent ink to work with.

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  • Painting Reference

    Follow the link to download

    Empire Inks Studio owner and fine artist, Colt Brown, walks us through the process of a painting. Follow the link to download the Painting Reference Image as featured on Instagram.

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  • Empire Inks Presents

    Digital Value Scale

    Control Your Values.

    Our new digital value scale is very easy to use and is available as a downloadable png file. The digital value scale was designed to help control your values and be more accurate with them. We suggest using the scale to become more accurate and in turn, produce your best work.

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    Color Mixing Chart

    Color Series

    This color mixing guide is a tool to help you mix over 100 colors with our set of 10 color inks.

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Our Team

With a new standard of ink comes a new standard for artists.

We expect more so that we can give more.

The Empire Inks ambassador team is comprised of a wide array of artists from across the country, driven by an insatiable desire to master their craft. We represent experienced artists who portray themselves professionally, respectfully, and encompass the same values we expect in our studio.

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The Studio

We strive to deliver the best tattoo & body piercing experience to each and every one of our customers.

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Visiting Artists

In order to grant our clients access to a wide array of artists, we frequently host tattoo artists from around the world.

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