Cadmium Yellow Medium

Cadmium Yellow Medium

Starting at $14.00

 Cooler and more opaque than our other yellow pigments in this line, this shade is a beautiful complement to the warmer Cadmium Yellow Light when used side by side.




Color Temperature:


Empire Inks Color Series

Color Mixing Chart

This color mixing guide is a tool to help you mix over 100 colors with our set of 10 color inks.

Benefits of Limited Palette


Bridging the Gap

Keeping the palettes familiar helps seamlessly transition from one medium to another.

Artistic control

Artistic Control

You decide the value, chroma, opacity and temperature of the color.

Color Temperature

Color Temperature

Warm and cool version of each primary hue.

Know Your Colors

Know Your Colors

Opacity and temperature is conveniently presented on the label.

Aim small miss small

Aim small miss small

Easily mix over 100 colors with the most direct route using our color mixing chart.

Saves money

Saves Money

You only need these 10 colors to make 100. Buying larger bottles is less expensive.

Flight friendly bottles

Flight friendly bottles

Fly with up to 3oz bottles that won’t explode in your bag.

Coming Soon!
Matching oil paint set

Matching oil paint set

Allows you to practice and figure out your colors before you tattoo.

Multiple Mediums

We’re coming out with multiple mediums for individual purchase to thicken or thin out the colors to best fit your application.



Thicken inks by adding this high grade glycerin.



The same medium we use to cut our Graywash series. Great for thinning colors for a more fluent flow.

Alcohol free

Witch Hazel

High-quality witch hazel for thinning inks without causing redness caused by alcohol.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol

Improves the dispensability of the inks.

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