Thieres Paim Signature Series Set

Signature Series


Tattoo artists worldwide have turned to using pre-mixed graywash. Larger batches offer undeniable consistency. Thieres' Signature Series Transparent Gray set heals in cool tones, causing stark contrast between warm skin tones and bluish grays of the inks.

A little bit about Thieres:
"My name is Thieres Paim, I've been a tattoo artist since 2009.
I have been working for years with a ready-made shade of black and now I manage to have better pigmentation in my works, obtaining a lasting healing on the skin. If you need a retouch, you know exactly which shade to use again, so that it is even and homogeneous. Everything I needed I found through Empire Inks.
My Signature Series Transparent Gray Set has everything to do with me. The design of the labels was created by me, forming a unique look and with my identity.
I chose Empire Inks for having a product of excellent quality, transparency in production and respect for its customers in addition to being very well treated by the company. I felt great energy from our first contact, this is very important to me! Use Empire Inks!"

Thieres Paim



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