Alessio VanZan Signature Set

Alessio VanZan Signature Set

Signature Series


Alessio VanZan Signature Series Set 

I have been tattooing for seven years Always been passionate about academic drawing I found realism my easiest expression. Over time I developed a liking for a more illustrative approach and at last almost ornamental. I loved the Empire Ink's original set the first time I tried it, the shading healed so smoothly and the application was very easy, I have now been using it for about four years! After trying different options offered by Empire Inks wide set we developed a combination that most suited my style, with very hard contrast: rich blackest black, a newly created extra dark and whitewash light, and extra light for the smoothest gradient transitions to skin.

4oz Xtra Light Whitewash

4oz Light Whitewash

4oz Extra Dark 

4oz Ivory Black


Alessio VanZan

Melbourne, Australia


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