New Wave: POSH® Fully Finished Table Top Palette

New Wave: POSH® Fully Finished Table Top Palette



New Wave POSH® table top palettes are everything the name implies; they are well designed, hand finished and luxurious. Made using furniture grade maple wood the palettes are hand sanded and then hand finished by the Amish with a proprietary satin finish. This satin finish provides a nonporous surface that is ready for immediate use, resistant to standard artist solvents and mediums, and easily cleaned. In addition, the warp resistant wood provides an ideal surface in the studio or outdoors. POSH® palettes come outfitted with custom silicone footings for superb traction on any surface.

POSH® is available with either a beautiful natural stain or neutral grey toned surface (ideal for color value matching) and comes in the following size: 11.75"x15.75" (30cmx40cm).

All Made in the USA.

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