Sebaztian Maranta Signature Series Set

Sebaztian Maranta Signature Series Set

Signature Series

Starting at $35.00

The 6 bottle set includes:
4 Stage Graywash - The graywash heals beautifully in cool tones, causing stark contrast between warm skin tones and cooler bluish grays of the inks.
Vine Black - Lining Black - A cool black with thin viscosity. Great for fast lines and whip shading. It’s slightly transparent which makes this easy to break down for a graywash.
White - This is a strong white that can be used for both highlights and mixing.

A little bit about Sebaztian:
"I’ve been tattooing for 10 years. I chose Empire Inks for the quality, smoothness and simplicity of the Graywash Set. What struck me the most about my set was the black tone that could develop pulling warm tones, so most pigments are built based on blue, which in the cure are noticeable. It is impressive how the Vine Black of my set looks cured, it is what I had always looked for in a solid tone, apart from this, the smoothness and fluidity with which it injects, along with the white, are the two most important tones for the development of my work! Always grateful to Empire Inks for bringing the best to this industry."

Sebaztian Maranta

Bogotá, Columbia


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